THC/CBD Vape Policy Clarification

Policy Clarification

Parents, Guardians,

Effective Monday, October 2, 2023, Campbell County School District will enforce a strict policy regarding THC or CBD Vapes. Possession of such a device will be considered a violation of our Zero Tolerance Policy (Board Policy 6.309) and Drug-Free Schools Policy (Board Policy 6.307), leading to expulsion for a calendar year and placement in an alternative school.

This policy comes in light of increasing incidents involving these devices, including cases that necessitated medical intervention.

If your child is found in a restroom where a THC vape is present and displays signs of intoxication, you will be asked to take them to a medical facility at your expense for drug testing. Refusal to comply will be taken as an admission of guilt and result in expulsion and a year in an alternative school.

We hold that a safe learning environment is incompatible with student intoxication. The potential risk of severe injury or even death associated with these devices is a grave concern.

We kindly ask you to discuss both the serious consequences and health risks of THC and CBD vapes with your children.

Your cooperation in maintaining a safe educational environment is greatly appreciated.



Jennifer Fields,

Director of Schools

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